Sesto Ein weiteres tolles WordPress-Blog Wed, 02 Jun 2010 16:31:46 +0000 en hourly 1 Ferrari Club Event in Sesto Wed, 02 Jun 2010 16:27:09 +0000 Administrator According to our prediction, during the weekend from May 21 to 23, the first Ferrari event took place. The high quality weekend was organized from “Touristic Events Tyrol”, which chose the hotel St. Veit to satisfy those needs.

The event was signed from the four-leave clover us a lucky charm. The aim from the organizer: find four highlights to entertain the sports car members.

The first lucky shot was made by selecting the hotel St. Veit for the accommodation. From the beginning on Thursday evening, the people was satisfied with a fantastic dinner, and celebrated in the underground club. In addition, the hotel offered a wonderful spa and wellness possibility, which was used from the drivers especially after the journeys.

Fuhrpark beim Hotel St. Veit

Car Pool

The second stroke of luck followed on Friday by the trip to the adriatic seaport Chioggia. Punctually on 8.00 o’clock in the morning the engines were started. Guided from a pace car of the police, in the first corners of the Pass of Monte Croce everyone enjoyed driving. Furthermore, it was possible to keep the group together in spite of the other traffic. The dream cars entered in the historical center of the town, in order to park there and to continue the way on board a ship.

Innenstadt Chioggia

Ferrari Chioggia

All the participants looked forward at the weekend’s third highlight. The world’s famous lagoon town Venice was reached soon. The firs real sunrays accompanied the group’s sightseeing of the historical buildings and “Gondolieris”, to live the charm of Venice. At night everyone turned back in the hotel safely.

Aufenthalt in Venedig


The Saturday morning started quietly with plenty of time to enjoy the fantastic breakfast buffet created from the Karadars of the hotel St. Veit.

Ones again, the police pace car was called for the trip to Bruneck. But the forth, and therefore the last highlight for this weekend took place at night in the Mountain Resort Patznfeld. The gourmet dinner with music and dance party give the event’s final touch and made it unforgettable for the members.

The morning pint on Sunday at Riegers bar gives everyone the possibility to say good by, and to turn home strengthened.

Ferraritreffen in Sexten Südtirol

Ferraritreffen in Sexten Südtirol

Ferraritreffen in Sexten Südtirol

Ferraritreffen in Sexten Südtirol

Author: Christoph Egarter from the Villa Haunold

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Farmers, Start your Engines Wed, 02 Jun 2010 14:17:25 +0000 Administrator There are periods, when hey is not already going to harvest, and the animals didn’t want to be carriage on the mountain pasture. At this time, the farmer is free for some other task.

The farmer’s boyhood may have such an advisement, and organized the yearly tractor ability race once again. The race was consisted in two tracks, one for tractor, and the other one for transporter purpose.  Bothe vehicles were provided from the tractor builder “Lindner”, and are the top models of there range. The tracks consisted in small chicane, followed by tricky barriers. After parking backwards with trailer and hinting wooden crossbars until balancing on a vehicle scale. In fact, the last one was nearly impossible to handle. Only three participants were able to find the balance point.


tractor ability race

During the events, an amount of 80 participants started competition. The winner is admitted for the regional challenge able to win the tractor for an entire year.

But hang on. Lets firs discuss the day with friends by some beer.






Author: Christoph Egarter from the Villa Haunold

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Inauguration of the Milk Mile Mon, 10 May 2010 11:51:29 +0000 Administrator Sesto has now a new attraction, in order to explore the world of milk.

The diversity of Sesto’s agriculture is explainable in different ways, what about a walk through the woods?

Exactly this approach now is possible by starting the informative path named Milk Mile.

By starting the path in the play field of Moso, you get the first introduction in the world of mountains agriculture. Young and old is highly interested in it. To continue the walk throw the little woods directed to Sesto, you find the next invitations. The wooden hand made stations explain the work on a mountain pasture and a local farm. In a further moment, you reach the experience park of Waldheim, where the information became more concrete, and you should not miss the milking test on a wooden cow. After that, in letters and pictures, you learn more about the production of the different types of the local cheese and other products, until you reach the end of the path. On the play field of Sesto it is also located the cheese dairy, were no one is able to resist testing the culinary specialties.

The official inauguration, organized from the tourist association of Sesto, took place on April 18, 2010.  It was invited Hans Berger, the deputy of the province’s governor. After the accurate examination of the path, he praised the authentic realization of the creative idea.

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Ferrari Events 2010 in Sesto Wed, 03 Feb 2010 13:34:12 +0000 Administrator Dear friends of Sports cars,

Like you have seen in our last years articols about the events regarding Supercars, there was organized a lot of tours and shows especially with Ferrari cars.

Also for this summer there are arranged events of this type. We will keep you informed in advance about the dates, in order to write articles performed with lots of fotos.

One of the date is already fixed for the 20. of May 2010, when the Hotel St. Veit will organize an creativ programm. We will obviously join again. For the 23. of May 2010, the higlight is the parade of the cars, so do not miss it!

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The Best Summer Job Sun, 20 Dec 2009 09:29:51 +0000 Administrator Hi, my name is Christoph Egarter and I am a student of Logistics- & Production Engineering. Furthermore, I am a young farmer in Sesto. We Tyrolean are often descript us people how speaks less, but act, us hardworking and multi purpose. This descriptions may are considerable also for my last summer job. In the following article I will talk about how I cut trees in my forest to sell most of them, and to make some wood for my own construction.

The agriculture activities at home are made as secondary work for ages. By doing so, the access to the nature resources is given, without outsourcing the family properties of field and woods. In this case, it might be comprehensive, that for economical reasons machinery and equipment can not be the most modern one. However, with lots of personal input the work is successfully completed.

The larch wood, destined for my own construction

For preparation of cutting woods, there have been made a request in the forestry office.
The foresters accept the desired quantity of wood which the farmer wants to cut, and compares it with the effective inventory. By doing so, a sustainable development of the forests there is guaranteed. In detail, an amount of 350 m³ were assigned to me, this was my first lot. The next step was the indentation of every single tree by the foresters. Because of the huge snow amounts from previous winter, I had hardly to wait until it was founded. During this time, I searched potential purchasers in order to reach the highest possible price for my high quality wood. Now I could start to work.

The profession of a woodcutter is considered us the most dangerous in the world. Regarding to this, a good preparation is very important. To cut a tree is not highly difficult, but you better learn it in young years. The physically taff work also needs getting used to. Nevertheless, you cut a V-notch out of the wood in that side you want to throw the tree, and than you make the real cut on the opposite side. With some plastic coign you reach the necessity inclination of the tree until it falls down. To watch how the tree falls, accompanied with the noise of the braking wood until it impact to the ground, witch tremble because of the high weight, it’s the most satisfying moment of the activity. The next step is to cut the branches immediately.

Is this done, the work seams nearly concluded, but it is not at all. In fact, the biggest attention is to pay for the transport and the storage of the tree trunks at places reachable for trucks. These steps needs the highest technical equipment and most of the time, and are therefore the most cost intensive part. Instead of my small machines, I tried to handle it as fast as possible to fulfill my customer’s needs. I liked battling at this logistical challenge. The most efficient way to transport the huge number of over 300 trees was to pull them entirely, but without the branches. I realized early that my tractor was not able to pull more then one big tree, but it had advantages in agility in order to reach the trees mostly without cable winch. Instead of this equipment, I could attach a fork on the rear hydraulic lifter.  When I reached the storage place with the tree, I cut it in trunks of 4 meter, and piled them immediately up for space saving. The light trunks of the treetop are not suitable for the factory, and so I let them chaff to wood chips for heating purpose. I accumulated a quantity of heating material in order to heat my house for one year and had a surplus to supply the local heating plant. Finally, the branches remained in the forest and became humus and therefore good for the future growth. After a guessed amount of one truck charge of wood, I organized the shipping. Fortunately, I can admit, that I didn’t have to cut the whole lot, and at this point I want to thank to my cooperators.

The road trains that loaded my wood and brought it to the saw mill

The summer job brought me not only helpful revenues, but also lots of live experience witch allows me to use this kind of nature resources whenever necessary.
To sum up, I defined some of the Lean rules, which brings important benefits also for tree felling:

  • One-peace flow: By felling and treating every tree at once, you avoid damages by the bark beetle, reduce the place requirement and increase the job safety.
  • Pull system: When working in two or more, it is helpful to align the single processes so that the transport and storing goes faster than the felling and branching. At that point you avoid a material push and unwanted buffers.
  • Continuous Improvement Kaizen: Initially there was a lack of experience and therefore it was important to try different operations and don’t to stop searching for optimizations.
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The cheese dairy farm “Unteroltl” Sun, 20 Dec 2009 09:25:49 +0000 Administrator On this fantastic place, the agriculture is shown from its multifaceted side. The farm “Unteroltl” on a sea level of 1450 m lives the nature. Nowhere else it’s possible to see more Tyrolean milk tradition then here. The heard of Andreas Villgraters farm is the own cheese dairy, opened in 2008.
It is an insider tip under the gourmets. In this outlying farm, which doesn’t attract lots of attention, inside you find culinary specialties like ovine- cow and goat cheese. Also bacon and sausages are from the own production.  In the last years, the demand on goat milk products rises up and therefore, Andreas keeps 25 goats, which brings about 60 liters milk per day and in summer, they can even graze next to the refuge “Locatelli” on the foot of the Peak Twelve.
In fact, from milk only an amount of 10 % can be used for cheese cream, the rest is waste, which Andreas gives his pigs. From the growed pigs he is going to make some bacon. But only the best meet from them are usable for delicious speck, the other one are used, together with some coat meet to fantastic sausages. In this way, the loop closes and Andreas and Sonja Villgrater works a unique self supply farm.
This successful concept attracts even the tourism association in order to organize guided tours for lots of interested guests. Us a result, every two weeks a farm tour takes place, where everyone can enroll.  The visit is organized quite professional in the sequence from the final products to the initial goods, just like the schoolbook says.

Also in terms of energy economy, the farm “Unteroltl” keeps a pioneer task. It is equipped with a small water turbine for electricity generation, the water comes from the own font and is heated in the solar cells.  The potable water has, unheated a temperature of only 5°C, and therefore able to cool the food storing cell without electricity. This sum of technical solutions makes the farm completely independent from any external energy supply, and therefore a nowadays example.
The history
The farm Unteroltl is historically a branch farm from the family tribe of the Villgraters. During World War 1, fhe house was used us harbor for soldiers of both fronts because of its outlying position. In this period, the building was damaged hardly. In 1983, the wood artist Thomas Villgrater, Andrea’s brother, build the house up again. He lives there until his death in 2000. During this, the farm was evenly used us film location for some documentaries. With a huge personal input and lots of craftsmen knowledge, Adreas Villgrater was able to open the cheese dairy in 2008

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Winter Nightlife in Sesto Sun, 20 Dec 2009 09:23:45 +0000 Administrator In fact, young people are interested to come to Sesto especially in winter.
After skiing, people meets in after ski locations like the Igloo and the Tavern of Waldheim to celebrate. On the weekends, there play DJ’s and in periods of school holidays like Christmas, Carnival and Eastern, the pubs are well visited.
In the community hall of the village, there are organized arrangements like balls, congresses and public performances. They take place distributed over the whole year.

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Summer in the mountains Sun, 20 Dec 2009 09:22:04 +0000 Administrator The summer season also is the perfect time for enjoy living in Sesto.
From May to October you find a wonderful landscape. There are lots of traditional farmers working on there fields in order to harvest hay in many different ways, but always with the Dolomites us background.  For the sportsman the valley offers optimal conditions, and to relax there are plenty of wellness attractions. The village also offers the possibility of sightseeing and venture without big efforts.

The Sun Dial

The Sun Dial of Sesto is a mountain chain witch contains peaks named up from peak nine, ten, eleven, twelve to the peak one. In winter, the Sun Dial of Sesto is the only one in the world able to show the clock time when the sun passes over the peaks. It works only in winter, and there are in fact two points in the valley, where the time is readable exactly.
Furthermore, other mountains like the Three Mountain Peaks “Tre Cime di Lavaredo” or the Cobble Peak “Tre Scarperi” worth visiting.

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Sports and activities Sun, 20 Dec 2009 09:20:54 +0000 Administrator Some of the ropeways are open also in summer. They bring you up to the Monte Elmo and The Croda Rossa, where you can start your walking tours. The high variety of the landscape contains every level of difficulty. Moreover, sports like mountain biking, climbing, swimming are provided together with playing tennis, miniature golf and horseback riding. Also culture sight like museums, churches and remains of World War 1 are highly interesting.

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The Val Fiscalina Sun, 20 Dec 2009 09:19:58 +0000 Administrator The Val Fiscalina makes part of Sesto and is one of Europe’s most beautiful valleys. It starts from Moso to the south, and brings you directly to the foot of the Dolomites. Arriving there, it seams to pass throw a huge gate where you can start to several walking trails and climbing walls. The tour passing the three cottages Comici, Cengia and Locatelli is the most suitable, until arriving back to the Inn of Finish Valley.

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