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Ferrari Club Event in Sesto

According to our prediction, during the weekend from May 21 to 23, the first Ferrari event took place. The high quality weekend was organized from “Touristic Events Tyrol”, which chose the hotel St. Veit to satisfy those needs.

The event was signed from the four-leave clover us a lucky charm. The aim from the organizer: find four highlights to entertain the sports car members.

The first lucky shot was made by selecting the hotel St. Veit for the accommodation. From the beginning on Thursday evening, the people was satisfied with a fantastic dinner, and celebrated in the underground club. In addition, the hotel offered a wonderful spa and wellness possibility, which was used from the drivers especially after the journeys.

Fuhrpark beim Hotel St. Veit

Car Pool

The second stroke of luck followed on Friday by the trip to the adriatic seaport Chioggia. Punctually on 8.00 o’clock in the morning the engines were started. Guided from a pace car of the police, in the first corners of the Pass of Monte Croce everyone enjoyed driving. Furthermore, it was possible to keep the group together in spite of the other traffic. The dream cars entered in the historical center of the town, in order to park there and to continue the way on board a ship.

Innenstadt Chioggia

Ferrari Chioggia

All the participants looked forward at the weekend’s third highlight. The world’s famous lagoon town Venice was reached soon. The firs real sunrays accompanied the group’s sightseeing of the historical buildings and “Gondolieris”, to live the charm of Venice. At night everyone turned back in the hotel safely.

Aufenthalt in Venedig


The Saturday morning started quietly with plenty of time to enjoy the fantastic breakfast buffet created from the Karadars of the hotel St. Veit.

Ones again, the police pace car was called for the trip to Bruneck. But the forth, and therefore the last highlight for this weekend took place at night in the Mountain Resort Patznfeld. The gourmet dinner with music and dance party give the event’s final touch and made it unforgettable for the members.

The morning pint on Sunday at Riegers bar gives everyone the possibility to say good by, and to turn home strengthened.

Ferraritreffen in Sexten Südtirol

Ferraritreffen in Sexten Südtirol

Ferraritreffen in Sexten Südtirol

Ferraritreffen in Sexten Südtirol

Author: Christoph Egarter from the Villa Haunold

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